A month has passed in this new year and we are now in February, which marks the transition into Autumn for us in the Southern Hemisphere. This transition into Autumn is celebrated in August, for those in the Northern Hemisphere.

Not only do we experience the turning of the seasons as Mother Earth does, but we also experience every season in every aspect of our lives. A relationship ends (Winter), the birth of a child (Spring), the growth of a business (Summer), the sharing of a meal with friends and family (Autumn). My blog post discusses the different seasons, also known as the Wheel of Life.

However, unlike the seasons which have a set time (days and months), we do not know how long we will experience the ‘season’ we are currently faced with. From my own experience, I have found that looking at the metaphor of the ‘season’ and applying this to where that ‘season’ is visiting me, in my own life, I have been able to gain some wisdom from the situation. This then allows me to respond, rather than react, to the circumstances. It also reminds me during the difficult times, that this ‘season’ too shall pass.

For our ancestors and those connected to the land, the transition into Autumn marked the first of the harvest festivals known as Lammas. Lammas comes from the Saxon name for ‘feast of bread’. It was a time when the community came together to pick and sort the grain and bake the first bread of the year.  A time to celebrate the hard work that had gone before. It was also a time to be grateful for the abundance that was coming into their lives.

Most of us in the modern world, are so far removed from the natural cycles of the seasons, the crops that are grown and the trials that our ancestors had to endure. There is plenty all year round and most of us want for nothing.

How can we connect back with the cycles of Mother Earth and the wisdom she has?

We can embrace the energy of each of the seasons, as we journey through Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn and use the metaphors that each season speaks.

Lammas is about community, beginning to harvest the ‘seeds’ that you have sown, and being grateful for the abundance in our lives.

  • Are you part of a community?
  • What endeavours are you working towards with this community?
  • Is the project fruitful, bringing joy and connection?
  • Can you share with your community, your pains and heartaches, as well as your hopes and dreams?
  • Does the community ‘wrap’ itself around the individual who is experiencing pain, holding them, as they grapple with their loss? Or is the community only connected in times of abundance and joy?
  • If you are not part of a community, why not?
  • How can you create this sense of togetherness, while still being independent?
  • Have you been tending your ‘seeds’ (goals/dreams)?
  • What have you been tending, that has ripened and requires harvesting?
  • Can you see the abundance in your life?
  • What are you grateful for?

Lammas, however, is the first of the harvest festivals. There are two other harvest festivals to celebrate, which means that not everything has ripened yet. 

  • Are you pushing to bring a project to fruition?
  • Are you able to allow the natural ‘unfolding’ of the situation?

For more information about the different season see my blog post.

I invite you to take a moment now and look at all the areas of your life:

  • Relationships
  • Business/Career
  • Spirituality
  • Social
  • Personal Development
  • Finances
  • Health

Are you experiencing the energy of Lammas in any of these areas? If so how would you answer the questions above, in relation to this area of your life? Take some time with this. I find journaling a great way to gain clarity.

Did you find the metaphors helpful? I would love to hear, so please leave a comment below.

If you would like more support with navigating through the ‘seasons’ you are experiencing, please schedule an initial complimentary discovery session with me.