Bliss – Raw Desserts and Seasonal Nourishment


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Desserts bring forth a range of emotions from delight and ecstasy to guilt and shame. Why? Sweetness is what we desire and at the core of this sweetness is a yearning for connection. Connection with ourselves, each other and a greater meaning for our life. We long to reconnect with the sacred.

Bliss – Raw Desserts and Seasonal Nourishment will take you on a journey through each of the seasons. The gifts and wisdom that each season brings, is explored through raw desserts, poems, reflections and invitations, as Vicki invites us to connect more deeply with ourselves and the sacred.

Bliss – this is far more than a recipe book. Raw Food Specialist Vicki Cook has cleverly interwoven poetry and personal reflections with her offerings of seasonal raw desserts. Using her own story, she illustrates how we can dance between nature’s seasons as well as our personal emotional, physical, mental and spiritual cycles. It’s a fascinating read, not to mention the delicious raw desserts!

Karen Bowller – Conscious Communicator

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