For the last two months or so I have found I have been adding mushrooms to most of my lunches and dinners. Not one or two mushrooms – the mushrooms have been one of the main ingredients. This piqued my curiosity as to what my body was trying to tell me through the mushrooms.

Cravings are usually associated with the ‘bad or naughty’ foods like chocolate, chips, ice-cream etc but not with the so-called health foods of fruit and vegetables. Can you have cravings for these things? Well, I wouldn’t have said I had a craving for mushroom however as they were turning up in each of my savoury meals I knew there was something more to this like there is with the other type of cravings. You can read more about What are Cravings here.

Mushrooms are grown in dark moist conditions. There is also the saying “I feel like a mushroom.” Which means I feel like I am being kept in the dark, uninformed and feed bullsh#$

Some of the questions I took to my journal where:

  • Am I keeping myself in the dark?
  • Is there an aspect of myself in the dark that I am trying to reach?
  • What sh#$ am I feeling myself?  

Mushrooms also breakdown and recycle the organic matter which has died. The mushroom cap is full of spores.

  • Do I need to breakdown (let go) of something?
  • Am I needing to create space (let go) so that new ideas (spores) can come forth?

Darkness is also related to the season of Winter. Interestingly my desire for mushrooms has also been during this season. For me, darkness can represent the Mystery or the unknown.

  • What is the aspect of the darkness or Mystery am I wanting to connect with?

With any enquiry into your inner landscape, there is no right or wrong answer, it is all about the context of what is happening for you at that point in time. For me, some of the wisdom I received from my journaling is that I am wanting to connect more deeply with the Mystery and change my relationship with it. My relationship with the Mystery has been one of fear, fear of the unknown and therefore a sense of a lack of control.

Now I wish to engage in the Mystery. I have discovered for myself that there are infinite possibilities in the Mystery and it is a place that I am able to dream. I am learning to not go to the “What if …. ” and then down the rabbit hole of negativity but instead “What if … ” and then playfully engage as I used to when I was a child. 

I invite you to observe yourself over the next month. Is there a food that you are reaching for more than is ‘normal’ for you? If there is what your body trying to tell you through this food?

I would love to hear form you about the foods you find yourself reaching for and any insights you gain, so please leave a comment below.

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