Desserts bring forth a range of emotions from delight and ecstasy to guilt and shame.


Sweetness is what we desire and at the core of this sweetness is a yearning for connection. Connection with ourselves, each other and a greater meaning for our life. We long to reconnect with the sacred.

I have been making raw desserts for years and everyone who has tried my creations, has commented on how incredible they are. Following all the feedback, I decided to create a recipe book of raw desserts. Little did I know the journey that would unfold with this decision.

Bliss – Raw Desserts and Seasonal Nourishment will take you on a journey through each of the 8 seasons of Mother Earth. Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn are the four seasons that most people are familiar with and relate to the position of the sun. The four other seasons or transitional seasons are, Imbolc (transitioning from Winter to Spring), Beltain (transitioning from Spring to Summer), Lammas (transitioning from Summer to Autumn and Sahmain (transitioning from Autumn to Winter). Together these eight seasons are The Wheel of Life.

The gifts and wisdom that each season brings, is explored through raw desserts, poems, reflections and invitations, as I invite you to connect more deeply with yourselves and the sacred.




Bliss – this is far more than a recipe book. Raw Food Specialist Vicki Cook has cleverly interwoven poetry and personal reflections with her offerings of seasonal raw desserts. Using her own story, she illustrates how we can dance between nature’s seasons as well as our personal emotional, physical, mental and spiritual cycles. It’s a fascinating read, not to mention the delicious raw desserts!

With each dessert recipe and reflection, there’s also an invitation for the reader to check-in with their own body’s response to food, circumstances and the changing seasons.

Karen Bowller

Conscious Communicator

I look forward to journeying with you on your discovery of connection, the seasons and Bliss.

There are many people that can make raw foods, however, I have not found anyone like Vicki, every single dish she makes tastes so amazing & can easily be re-created by you!

Her poetry and the way she has bought in the seasons with her dishes really resonates on a deep soul level.

Sue Kennedy

Publisher & Author Coach

The whole concept of seasons within and without help us discern what is best for us at any given time and can help us to understand ourselves and choose wisely for our foods and actions in order to nourish our body and soul. Vicki is also a gifted writer, and her poems are reflective and soul searching.

Purchase your copy to nourish your soul within and without.

Karen Curran

Transpersonal Art & Sandplay Therapist