Did you know that each season has a different energy…and that tapping into that energy can help you align yourself with your joy, wonder and bliss?


I have gone from feeling disheartened and apathetic to connected with my intuition, a vision for my future and a sense of awe and delight in my life. How? I became curious about the wisdom Mother Earth freely displays in the changing of her seasons.


For so long, I had been living one day at a time, feeling lost and disconnected. I was struggling to make sense of what was happening in my life. I lost trust in myself and the Universe and looked to others for answers. During this time, I picked up my pen to start writing again and in the process, I discovered the messages in the seasons.



By noticing each season and how nature responds to the changes, you will be able to gain insight into your own life and internal landscape and start living more consciously.

The internal darkness I was experiencing, was 18 months old.

I had forgotten that emotional seasons are not forever, not a lifetime.

I felt stuck and unable to move forward. Each season on Mother Earth ebbs and flows into the next and with this cycle, we experience dark and light.

To transition out of darkness (Winter energy) you start looking for signs of light (Spring energy). New beginnings, buds, more warmth.

This transition is about embracing and dancing with hope and faith throughout and within all the seasons both externally and internally.

A 12-week adventure that connects you with the wisdom of Autumn.

16TH MARCH – 7TH JUNE 2019


Autumn Surrender is a journey to connect you more deeply with your inner landscape and guidance through the wisdom and metaphor that the season of Autumn offers us.

Curiosity and an open mind will be your companions on this adventure.

I do not believe in telling you the answers, as they are my answers.

I believe in offering questions that allow you to be guided by your own story so that you can receive the answers.

YOUR answers.

I do not believe in ‘having to keep up with the Jones’; I believe that you lean in and lean out, as you are guided by your own inner wisdom.


The program consists of five special elements:

This is the place where you will connect with your guidance during our time together.

Having a space that you can be fully present with yourself, will allow you the opportunity to connect with the magic of the season and your own inner landscape.

With the change of each season, I create my own space; in fact, I have two, which helps ground me into the season as I acknowledge and align with the new energy that is unfolding.

You will decide what your space looks and feels like.

We start our journey into Autumn at the Autumn Equinox, a return of balance.

With playful curiosity, you will be guided to open up to the wisdom of this time of year.

Mother Earth is also slowing down and letting go, how do you embrace these aspects of Autumn?

Through a guided visualisation, you will next connect with your inner Autumn wisdom, discovering which aspects of your life are nourishing you and which are not. As we transition into Winter, nights lengthen and it becomes a time of greater darkness. It is our opportunity to rest, reflect on the past and dream of the future.

In this time of transition, we explore the Mystery, where answers are held in the silence of the stillness.

With each element of Autumn, there will be invitations to journal, reflect and become curious about how you engage with this energy and how you can play with the unfolding magic of Autumn, in your own life.

Nourishment takes many forms.

While you will be feeding yourself mentally, emotionally and spiritually through the journalling invitations and seasonal metaphors, we do not want to forget your body.

This is the vehicle that allows you to experience all that Mother Earth has to offer you.

To support your unfolding into Autumn, I have included my ebook Autumn Gatherings which is a collection of mainly raw, vegan and gluten-free recipes.

These recipes will bring more energy, light and vitality into your body and your life.

Each week I will share a different Oracle Card relating to a different aspect of ‘Autumn Equinox’ and the seasons ‘Autumn’ and ‘Transitioning into Winter’.

Over time, having engaged with each season, I have discovered there are many qualities to different seasons.

Each quality broadens and deepens your relationship with that season.

I have created an Oracle Deck for each season and it will be cards from the ‘Autumn’ and ‘Transitioning into Winter’ decks that I will share with you.

Your invitation is to engage in the journaling prompts from the Oracle Cards, allowing your own truths to be revealed.

Journeying with others always deepens your own experience.

Connection with those who are also travelling Autumn Surrender is through a secret Facebook Group.

This will be the sacred container to hold your journey, to:


ACKNOWLEDGE where you are

be WITNESSED by myself and others so that you can

EMBODY the changes you wish to create


An evolving life of AWE.


Spaces are limited to 12 as I am committed to turning up fully to guide and witness your journey of connection.

My intention for our time together is simple:

To guide you to connect more deeply with your inner landscape and guidance through the

This is not about me telling you how you should play with the energy of Autumn, it is about leaning in to what is happening for you now, while in the season of Autumn.

Once I became aware of the energy of the seasons and their wisdom I have weaved them in to my life.

They have become great teachers and it is this that I wish to gift to you.

Living more aligned with the seasons, I have become more conscious of my own natural rhythms and cycles.

There is a time to plant seeds and nurture ideas (Spring energy) and there is a time to acknowledge what you are harvesting (transitioning into Autumn energy).

If you push against the seasons and your own cycles, you become tired and ill.



Life is not about being on a treadmill but instead an amazing awe-inspiring adventure.

Autumn Surrender 12 week journey costs $297 AUD.

Payment plans are available.

This is also not only a financial investment.

This is an investment of your time and energy to dive deeper into your internal landscape with the energy of Autumn as your guide.

In our time together, I want you to have a greater awareness of yourself and the magic that Autumn brings to your life.

What is your refund policy?

I have 100% confidence that Autumn Surrender will deepen YOUR connection with your inner landscape allowing you to receive guidance and the wisdom of Autumn. (That was my intention when I created it).

When you invest in spending twelve weeks in Autumn Surrender, we’re both committing to giving our time, energy, and heart. 

This is a highly-personalised program, where we’ll be working on the connection between you and your inner wisdom. I will guide you from YOUR starting point to where you wish to go, it is therefore tailored to YOU.

Ultimately, though, your results will be determined by how much effort you put into our twelve weeks together.

For that reason, refunds are not available.

(In the extremely unlikely event that you’re not happy, I will work with you to put it right).

What is your payment plan option?

You can choose to pay either:

1 x instalment of $297


2 x monthly instalments of $155 (total $310)


3 x monthly instalments of $110 (total $330)

How much time will the program take?

Like anything the more energy and focus you put into the program the more you will get out of it.

However, my invitation is 30 mins twice a week to engage in the journaling prompts in the playbooks and the inquires with the Oracle Cards.

This is YOUR journey so be guided to move at the pace that is in alignment with where you are at this point in time. For the next time you play with Autumn your pace will be different.